He remains faithful

Have you ever felt for someone something like this:
I want only you, and no one but you!
And even if you may change, I will still see you.

Let me tell that's the way God feel for you.
Nothing you do or don't do can ever change the way God loves you.

The same, if you change the way you look - your style.
If your passions and values change. You will still be you!

One of those most cool stories are about Hosea, a man who heard from God that he have to marry a whore. Afterwards she goes back to her old life but God says to Hosea "go and get her back" so he went to buy her back. This is something God would do - something He does. You can be the most messed up person, you may have left God for your old ugly life, but God still points at you and says "I want you! I want nobody else even if they're better!". You may ask what's so special about you that He wants you back every time no matter what, and regards everything else He says "because I see you in you". Then he makes you pure and gives you a new better life. He gives you joy for your mourning and beauty for your ashes. And even if you're unfaithful, He remains faithful.

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I've wanted to ask you a question but I just waited for the right time. Without getting too bothersome. Do you believe in God or a higher power and why/why not?
I love sharing things about God, but I don't want just empty words on this account. I know no one likes hypocrisy. It's hard to keep the balance, and live as you talk. I know the whole world and angels are watching my journey and that in the end God will be the judge.
I was brought to Jesus 2012 while I was reading bible, all by my self. That year was crazy - NF2, tried to find help and healing from anywhere - when I found faith finally I felt God's presence and "baam" everything became clear. But sometimes I've said dumb stuff, and I think some people may have been pushed away from who God really is because of me, and I pray that I will not stand in the way for anybody again and if I've done that those people will be brought back to His loving arms. Just want to be honest.
After seeing result/change in my and other people's life through believing in Jesus and reading bible I've realized that the fruit is the proof. There are and will be mistakes made by people, but God still works.
When I feel God's presence sometimes it's joy or peace. Other times it's warmth or hug which you can feel physically, the air gets thick or even heavy and it feels like it's filled with glitter. Yeah, so now you have a clue about how it feels.


Det har alltid varit du och jag

Det var en kväll innan jag somnade som jag kom på att jag har alltid spenderat de sista minutrarna av dagen tillsammans med Gud. Det har alltid varit så. Även om jag har tänkt mycket på andra saker och försökt tänka på något som kan få mig att somna. Det är en stund då jag inte har något annat val än att bara vara med mig själv och det är en stund då jag har behövt stå ut med mig själv, helt ensam, utan musik i öronen och utan dator skärmen framför mig. Vet ni vad jag tror? oavsett vad man tycker om ensamheten är Gud alltid där med en. Oavsett om man är deprimerad, glad, ledsen eller arg. Han har hört alla dina önskningar, funderingar, frustration och ilska. Kanske har någon varit dum mot dig under dagen men Gud har sett det. Kanske känns det som att du är ensam med din sorg, men Gud gråter med dig. Gud ler när du ler, och han gråter när du gråter. Om någon har svikit dig, säger han "du har mig".

Well do you have some of those days
When you can't be who you wanna be
When you just need to close your eyes
Pull the covers up so high and drift away
and sleep so soundly
and dream profoundly
Cast all your cares on the
Only thing that you really need
and sleep so soundly
Plumb - Sleep


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