He remains faithful

Have you ever felt for someone something like this:
I want only you, and no one but you!
And even if you may change, I will still see you.

Let me tell that's the way God feel for you.
Nothing you do or don't do can ever change the way God loves you.

The same, if you change the way you look - your style.
If your passions and values change. You will still be you!

One of those most cool stories are about Hosea, a man who heard from God that he have to marry a whore. Afterwards she goes back to her old life but God says to Hosea "go and get her back" so he went to buy her back. This is something God would do - something He does. You can be the most messed up person, you may have left God for your old ugly life, but God still points at you and says "I want you! I want nobody else even if they're better!". You may ask what's so special about you that He wants you back every time no matter what, and regards everything else He says "because I see you in you". Then he makes you pure and gives you a new better life. He gives you joy for your mourning and beauty for your ashes. And even if you're unfaithful, He remains faithful.


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