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I've wanted to ask you a question but I just waited for the right time. Without getting too bothersome. Do you believe in God or a higher power and why/why not?
I love sharing things about God, but I don't want just empty words on this account. I know no one likes hypocrisy. It's hard to keep the balance, and live as you talk. I know the whole world and angels are watching my journey and that in the end God will be the judge.
I was brought to Jesus 2012 while I was reading bible, all by my self. That year was crazy - NF2, tried to find help and healing from anywhere - when I found faith finally I felt God's presence and "baam" everything became clear. But sometimes I've said dumb stuff, and I think some people may have been pushed away from who God really is because of me, and I pray that I will not stand in the way for anybody again and if I've done that those people will be brought back to His loving arms. Just want to be honest.
After seeing result/change in my and other people's life through believing in Jesus and reading bible I've realized that the fruit is the proof. There are and will be mistakes made by people, but God still works.
When I feel God's presence sometimes it's joy or peace. Other times it's warmth or hug which you can feel physically, the air gets thick or even heavy and it feels like it's filled with glitter. Yeah, so now you have a clue about how it feels.



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